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Welcome to Vampire Store, your one stop online shop for merchandise from The Twilight Saga, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Vampire Academy and others.  Over the last couple of years interest in vampires has risen resulting in a number of books being written along with TV series and films being commissioned. All of which have centred around the human – vampire relationship. Due to the increased popularity of such books there has been a re-launch in the gothic trend. This has resulted in various merchandise being sold in the form of jewellery, clothing, accessories and general memorabilia. Here at Vampire Store we help you find vampire related merchandise at low prices.

Twilight Saga

This series of four books written by Stephanie Meyer were originally released in 2005 starting with Twilight. As of March 2010 the series has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.  All four of the books have been commissioned into films with the first three films being nominated for various awards whilst the books were nominated for the British Book Award and the Kid’s Choice Award.  The fourth book of the series Breaking Dawn is to split into two films the first of which is due out in November 2011. The Twilight Saga is centred around a love triangle between a human (Bella), vampire (Edward) and a werewolf (Jacob). Our range of Twilight Saga merchandise includes books, DVDs and jewellery, photos, posters and dolls.

The Vampire Diaries

These were originally published as a trilogy by L J Smith back in 1991 but due to pressure from readers the author Smith wrote further volumes. The Vampire Diaries was adapted for a TV series which premiere in September 2009 and due to the ratings and the popularity a second season was agreed. L J Smith has also signed a further contract to write another trilogy the first of which will be called Phantom. The TV series won numerous accolades at the Teen Choice Awards and the Saturn Awards in 2010.  The books are about two vampire brothers Stefan and Damon who fall in love with the same girl Elena. Our range of Vampire Diaries merchandise includes books, DVDs, calendars, photos and posters.

True Blood

The three seasons of True Blood are based on a series of eight books by Charlaine Harris. Charlaine wrote the first of these books back in 2008 and then they were adapted for TV in the form of True Blood and released in September 2008. The first season was nominated for numerous awards including a Golden Globe and an Emmy. Due to the popularity of the series a fourth season has been given the go ahead and this will be out in summer of 2011. The story follows a young girl called Sookie, a telepathic waitress in a small town in Louisiana. When a handsome vampire arrives in town, Sookie finds his company appealing as she cannot hear his thoughts and a romance blossoms between the two of them.  Following a creation of synthetic blood vampires are able to get by without feeding on human blood therefore allowing them to co-exist with the humans. Our range of True Blood merchandise includes books and DVDs.